In support of the release of my new mystery novel and love story, "Shakespeare and the God Virus", I am updating this web site which will explore the basis for experiencing the "transformative power of putting on Shakespeare." This is in addition to my first novel, "Beethoven's Tenth Symphony," also described in this site.

Physicist Erik’s Love Poem to his wife Dame Elizabeth (from “Shakespeare and the God Virus” by Christopher Eriksson)

“A challenge at home right out of the blue,
Will my love be again, and all to renew?
An affair of the heart, need words be said?
My Lady is Love’s teacher, must books be read?
Will approval be mine from my Lady’s smile,
Or my words be rejected as meaningless guile?
O mystical sense that best physicists cite,
Please come to my rescue and help me to write.
A troubadour’s verse was a melody too,
But this verse I’ll recite and hope it rings true,
Salvation ‘ere sought in a priestly pose,
Is now found eternally in my Lady’s Rose.
For a woman I had known,
For a woman I have loved,
I will change the world forever.”

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According to Sir Laurence Olivier

"Shakespeare was the nearest thing in incarnation to the eye of God."

The Poet Laureate John Dryden said:

"Shakespeare was naturally learned, he needed not the spectacles of books to read Nature. He looked inwards and found Her there."

George Dawson wrote:

"The fact is, Shakespeare was not sectarian, he pleaded nobody's mission, he stated nobody's cause. Shakespeare has written with a view to be a mirror of things as they are; and shows the office of the true poet and literary man, which is to re-create the soul of man as God has created it, and human society as man has made."


1. No M.S/poem or letter has ever been found in Shakespeare's own handwriting pertaining to the plays or sonnets.

2. Both Shakespeare's daughters Judith and Susannah were illiterate yet he wrote King Lear which is all about giving His Kingdom to the daughter who best recites her declaration of love.

3. Shakespeare was not an aristocrat yet he wrote intelligently about Kings and Queens and the Nobility, but never about his own class.

4. Shakespeare seems to have had difficulty signing his name. His signatures and spelling are different and inconsistent, yet not uncommon in England at that time. There is no evidence Shakespeare attended the local school.

5. No play speaks to Shakespeare's life in Stratford Upon Avon, and Shakespeare never writes or alludes to the death of his 11 yr. old son Hamnet (Judith’s twin).

6. Shakespeare's plays show an unusually large knowledge of medicine and the law, as well as other subjects and he seems to have had the largest vocabulary of any writer in English. 500 new words introduced mostly from Latin, and about 5000 + old words given new meanings.

7. Shakespeare never travelled outside England, yet many of his plays are centered in Italy or deal with the French court.

8. There were early renovations done to the Stratford monument. An early picture shows Shakespeare holding a sack of grain rather than a quill.

9. The Last Will and Testament of Shakespeare makes no claim to 38 plays, 154 sonnets, and some poems. It mentions his second-best bed for his wife. His death goes unnoticed across England.

10. Shakespeare’s plays mention the circulation of the blood which Dr. William Harvey is credited with discovering in 1616 (Shakespeare’s death), yet he only initially made reference to it in his lecture notes in 1616, and then briefly in 1619, and it is said that Shakespeare wrote nothing after 1612. It was properly published in 1628 in Latin in Frankfurt.

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